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Kalpuregan village in the south east of Iran. The only characteristic that distinguishes Kalpuregan from other areas is its indigenous pottery, creation of civilization by Baluchi women artists. According to one of the village elders, manufacturing practices dating back to about 4 to 6 thousand years ago still remains intact. The only workshop that is still active and persistent to continue working with primitive method is Kalpuregan pottery workshop.

  • 10/30/17, 6:07 PM
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Making statues and figurines of animals and myths in ancient Iran, as elsewhere in the world at that time, has been prevalent.These days there are a few artists in “Laljin” (a city in Hamedan,Iran )who try to make such figurines as ancient memorials which look very similar to the original samples.

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What is certain is that the patterns used in these rugs are abstract. These patterns are influenced by climatic and ethnic conditions in terms of form and color. The weather in this area is warm and dry. Therefore, we see that the forms are far from any curved and soft form.

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Felt is a kind of rug produced by getting wool wet, heating and compressing it.Heat and moisture makes the fibers of wool to hook together or weave together, and compressing speeds up the process. The dense texture of felt does not permeate humidity or the cold.

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Crocheting on fabric (Rashti-doozi) is an original art of women in north of Iran which is decorating broadcloth by sewing patterns on it with natural dyed silk thread using a hook.

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Turquoise is derived from rocks formed by lava. When water runs through the gaps between the rocks it changes the texture and materials of the lava and shapes turquoise.

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Mr. Razi's first job is in technical field. However, he does repousse and chasing in his small workshop in the city of Mashhad. Traditional arts have always been passed on from one generation to the next.

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Enameling or Minakari is a method of painting and ornamenting the surface of metals such as gold, silver and copper by fusing enameled colors over it. Mina is the feminine form of Minoo in Persian, meaning heaven.

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