• 11/11/19, 5:37 PM
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Persian ethnic and tribal handicrafts are embellished with patterns, vibrant colors, and bold textures. Now a days, Persian soulful crafts fit in new home decor styles and make them unique.

  • 2/27/19, 6:00 PM
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5 types of exotic ethnic hand embroideries that you can use for your home decor to make it unique in any style.

  • 2/14/19, 5:15 PM
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Termeh textile, Chador-Shab textile, basket weaving, Jajim flat woven, Persian Ikat, Gabbeh rug and more, These ethnic hand weaving products you have never heard of can make a home decor in any style unique.

  • 12/23/18, 5:47 PM
  • 3,233
Handmade crafts, express the culture of people and their talents. Persian ethnic handmade products have special characteristics. It is part of the traditional arts that combine the transcendental truth of art with crafting techniques and skills.

  • 10/8/18, 2:53 PM
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Persian handicrafts are produced by four groups of nomadic, tribal, rural and local artists in Iran. Each authentic handcrafted product we sell in our store is produced by one of these groups' artists which we always try mention in the description of that product.

  • 8/6/18, 5:00 PM
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Mandala designs are applied in Persian art and architecture frequently. Here we are going to introduce Persian mandalas, their meaning, and characteristics.

  • 7/16/18, 4:45 PM
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Our pillows are made from new to vintage traditional Baluch needlework pieces. Baloch women cut these pieces from their clothes and attach them to fabrics.

  • 7/9/18, 8:40 AM
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If you are interested in rugs or want to buy one, this post will help you a lot. How to choose a good-quality rug? Which factors indicate the price of a hand-woven rug?

  • 6/30/18, 4:17 PM
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Our kilim Pillows are made from rare antique or vintage Persian rugs, saddlebags and nomadic bags.

  • 5/23/18, 5:08 PM
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Original handicrafts have artistic value and become more valuable over time. But fake items become less and less valuable over time and do not have the delicacy and beauty of the real products. This is one of the main reasons why we should buy original handicrafts.