About Our Kilim Pillows

  • Time : 6/30/18, 4:17 PM
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Our kilim Pillows are made from rare antique or vintage Persian rugs, saddlebags and nomadic bags.

What are our kilim pillows made from?

Our kilim pillow covers are made from rare antique or vintage Persian rugs, saddlebags and nomadic bags. These rugs are woven by tribal or nomad women of Iran. Persian nomads use unique primitive and original patterns for their rugs that distinguish them from Moroccan or Turkish rugs. We search among many handwoven items every week, but we choose only a few of them for making cushions.

Who are the weavers of our kilim pillows?

Our goal is to sell only unique cushions. We carefully select fascinating rugs for making pillows. Carpets and rugs that turn into our pillows are woven by Iranian nomad women. Persian nomads have a unique lifestyle. Their life is simple. It is based on husbandry and moving. They live in handmade tents and move two times a year. They do not know about politics or technology. Their teacher is only nature! They spend most of their time walking in meadows, mountain or deserts. Their life is a constant mediation. Therefore their attitude towards life is different and valuable. They reflect their vision of life and feelings on what they weave. So their handwoven rugs are extremely precious and unique.

Our goal is not just to sell you cushions. In fact, by purchasing these cushions, you bring a different culture, art, and history to your home.

 Usually, the items we choose for making cushions are a few decades old. They are made for personal use by previous generations of nomads. Their children or grandchildren sell them though because these goods do not have any use in modern life anymore. Being made for personal use is a privilege of an ethnic handmade item because it means that the artisan has put all her effort into making it. In these cases, the artisan does her best in choosing colors, patterns, and weaving technique.

How do we turn rugs into pillows?

We usually have two types of rugs for making cushions; rough and soft. It depends on the type of the wool used for weaving them. Goat’s wool and camel’s wool are rough while sheep wool is soft. The patterns that nomads use for making their rugs match with the kind of wool the use for weaving.

Since our chosen rugs are usually vintage or antique, they might be dusty or have stains on them. Antique rugs might have small damages. Therefore we wash and repair them. In some cases, we strengthen them to last longer. It is a time taking work and is done by specialized artisans.

Our designers determine the cutting lines on rugs considering their designs and patterns. The back of our pillows features a neutral color cotton fabric. To prevent unraveling, we zig-zag all the edges first, then we cover them with a strip and sew them. We sew the Zipper on the back side of our cushions.

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