Persian Termeh Textile Mandala Wall hanging

Pink Mandala Wall Hanging

Termeh fabric is the most traditional kind of Persian textile. It is produced in Yazd city. Termeh has a high density, so it is regarded as a handicraft. Nowadays Termeh is woven through a semi-automatic tissue processing machine.
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Dimensions 100*100 Cm - 39' *39' Inches
Color Pink/Purple
Material Viscose and metal threads
Place of origin Yazd,Iran
Design Persian Shamseh (Mandala), flowers and plants
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How to wash your Termeh textile?

-To wash Termeh preferably use laundry and if you want to wash with water use lukewarm water and liquid soap. After drying, iron off the possible wrinkles. Do not use a washing machine at all. We suggest dry cleaning for your Termeh

The qualities of a good Termeh

1-Handmade Termeh is known for its seven colors, uniform and steady colors, authentic and traditional patterns, 60% viscose warp, fine linen wool and natural silk with yarn.

2-The quality of the threads and the number of colors used in the weaving process indicate the quality of Termeh. Some very valuable Termehs have up to 300 different colors used in them.

3- The number of layers in the fabric and the type of embroidery on it also adds to the value of Termeh.