Persian Ethnic Hand Embroidered Textile


Persian ethnic hand embroidery mandala tapestry wall hanging or tablecloth. Pateh is a delicate and complicated type of Persian needlework. This piece of Pateh is unique because of its fine stitches and color combination.
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Dimensions 30*55 cm / 21.5*11.8 inches
Material Wool threads on wool fabric
Place of origin Kerman, Iran
Style Pateh embroidery
Usage Wall hanging , Tablecloth
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How to keep your Pateh embroidery safe

Wet pateh should not be left on a hanger to dry because it makes the fabric to stretch. In order to prevent the damage and to protect pateh from bugs, pateh should be kept in a cool place where the air flows. Inside suitcase is not the right place for it. It would be better to keep it in a cotton cloth with a fragrant soap. We suggest dry cleaning for your Pateh.