Antique Persian tribal rug (Baluch sofreh)

This beautiful Bohemian rug comes from Baluch tribes. Sofreh is very unique because it is made with no plan. In many cases, to make a rug the weaver, weaves two pieces separately with a specified width and then sew them together. This rug can also make a beautiful wall hangin.
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Dimensions 132*132 cm
Color Warm natural colors as a symbol of love, life and hope for the future.
Material Natural wool
Style Kilim
Design Sofreh is so unique because it is made with no plan.
Pattern This kind of texture is an indication of weaver’s enthusiasm, zest and passion for nature. The old patterns on the fabric shows culture, art, beliefs, customs of nomads.
Usage Rug, Wall hanging
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Date of manufacture 1960
Condition Very Good
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This rug is made from two halves of two different handwoven antique rugs (Baluch Sofreh) sewed together. Probably, the other two halves were damaged. We found it like this and we think it is unique.