The purchasing process is safe and easy;






1- Add your favorite products to your card.

2-Check the pre-invoice and click "Next".

3- Fill the form correctly.


  • In the “Adaptor” section you can choose a payment method (Bitcoin or PayPal). If you chose bitcoin payment method there will be a 10% discount on your purchase applied to your checking out the invoice.
  • You will proceed to the next page where you can put your Email address and password and login
  • On your profile page, you will see your orders. Click on "View" to see the information.


5-Check your information and invoice then click on “Pay”

6-Pay with Bitcoin (please read “our payment” for more information on how to pay with bitcoin) or if you would like to pay with PayPal, check your E-mail for information. We will review your order and E-mail you the information of PayPal account you can send money to shortly.

For more information about Payment, Please read "Payment".