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FarWayArt is a home décor brand and online shop for Persian ethnic & tribal products.


FarWayArt is a home décor brand and online shop for Persian ethnic, tribal and nomadic handcrafted items.

FarWayArt's members

We are members of a family Interested in ethnic handcrafted artworks. We decided to open our home décor online shop in 2017.

FarWayArt's products

We focus on handmade Persian rugs, textile, pillow covers, wall hangings, mandalas, pottery, decorative dishes, and gemstones. Some of our products are vintage and antique which will not be produced anymore.

FarWayArt's artisans

Our artisans are Persian nomads, men and women from different tribes, and local artists from different cities and villages of Iran. Their lifestyle, culture, and beliefs have not been affected by modern life yet. These artists are inspired by nature and their own beliefs. Their untouched souls are the source of their work.

FarWayArt's goal

We are doing our best to prove that we all can live as a big global tribe in peace. We support our local artists who in spite of their unique art are unknown to the world because of politics. We believe in honesty, so we have explained our condition to our customers here.

We would also enjoy introducing the history and story behind each piece.